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Musée du Louvre

The Louvre is one of the most important museums in the world, with 35,000 works on display in 72,735 m2 of galleries.
In 2017, the museum’s graphic charter was redesigned to give it a stronger, more identifiable visual identity, and to promote the image of the world’s most visited museum. It anchors the institution in the 21st century while paying tribute to its rich history.

Since then, I’ve been the guardian of this charter, working with the Louvre to ensure that it is properly applied, and I develop it for all new media (from publishing templates to the museum’s many websites) and major institutional campaigns.

Posters for major exhibitions, logotypes for events, new activities within the museum and major exhibitions, concepts for sponsorship posters, mock-ups for new brochures, and graphic consultancy.

Client : Louvre museum,
with Dream On (2016-2020)
then Freelance (since 2021)

2016 – Now

Creative Directors: E.Hooreman, P.Guiraud
Concept & Copywriter on institutional campaigns: H.Prat
Concept & Art director : C.Manuel 

Since 2021
Concept & Creative Director: C.Manuel

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Museum maps in 7 languages If you've been to the Louvre after 2017, you've probably already seen my work!

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Creation of the logo for the 30th anniversary of the Pyramid. Used on the official campaign and on all media related to the event throughout the anniversary year.