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Hello I'm Christelle,
the first of her name, Queen of the Adobe suite, Protector of the Seven Kolégram, the Mother of a dozen plants, the Khaleesi of the Louvre identity, Breaker of boring branding.

I’m an independent art director, former agency employee and recent founder of the multidisciplinary creative collective Kolégram in 2020. My ambition is to create all day long, offering creative and meaningful artistic direction to deliver effective and intelligent graphic design. After more than 9 years of striking the right balance between boldness and simplicity, my favorite areas are visual identity (logos and graphics) and designing communication campaigns, often cultural (but not exclusively)

What I can help you with...

Depending on your needs and wishes, we can develop a longer-term relationship, discuss your projects on a regular basis, apply the charter to different media for you, retouch the iconography, and give you advice and support on artistic direction.


Good start

My expertise lies in building creative, relevant and sustainable brand foundations encompassing logo design, brand design systems and complete brand books.


One step further

In addition to your logo and graphic universe, if you need to develop it on new several media (print or digital), templates, bring out new sub-brands or retouch photos … Let’s talk about it to find what best suits your needs!


Full package

The complete package includes a full graphic charter, templates for each of your communication media, and the web design and development of an end-to-end website. 


Large-scale project

If your project requires a larger team in the short or long term, I’ve set up Kolégram , the creative collective that brings together a range of complementary skills: strategy, art direction, production, photography, video and community management. Don’t hesitate to come and talk to us!


I’ve been lucky enough to work with some big brands, but I also enjoy helping smaller ones get off the ground.