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The Sound Odyssey

The Sound Odyssey takes place at the ancient theatre of Orange, in the south of France. This light show is an innovative, spectacular and immersive experience, as well as a sound treasure hunt. Along the way, you’ll be introduced to a multitude of sounds through high-definition, spatialised and geolocalised headphones. Sound makes information clear, enhances images and transports emotions.

Creation of the show’s visual identity. Logo, graphics, posters, iconography, goodies, etc.

Agency: Dream On (Freelance)
Client: L’Odyssée Sonore / Ville d’Orange


Art Director: C.Manuel
Project manager : J.Merlot

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Genesis of the logotype

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The pictogram can be found in the graphic system from different angles, acting like a compass and echoing the notion of geolocation.

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Logos - French version

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Logos - International version

Logo: A monogram that carries all its meaning, and a typography designed to reflect the sound and light waves projected into the theatre during the show.

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Colors - RGB mode