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Kolégram is a collective of freelancers, bringing together communication craftsmen who, after working in agencies, most of them together, have got rid of everything that dysfunctions in an agency, to gain in efficiency and freedom.
Politics, pushiness, ego battles, imposture, sexism and even harassment no longer pollute our work. In an age that encourages remote working, the form of our gathering makes perfect sense.


Creation of the collective, the logo, its universe, the website and instagram content.

Client : Kolégram

2020 – Forever

Art Directors: F.Dupont, M.Martin & C.Manuel
Strategy and project manager: C.Olivier
CM and digital expertise: D.Jernival
Photographer & Videographer: B.Papadakis
Production manager: S.Skrodzka

Kolegram - Creative collective
Kolegram - Website
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