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Baron Studio

In a world that oscillates between over-consumption and dubious manufacturing or luxury not adapted to everyday life, BARON STUDIO’s ambition is to create a new expression, to develop its lifestyle brand offering quality, creative and functional products that can be worn every day for a long time to come. Rooted in Provence and Armenia, BARON STUDIO is inspired by art, architecture and language, and plays with contrasts to tell stories that reflect its cultural heritage and vision of the world. Modular, it invites you to play with the pieces in its collections, to mix and match them, to rethink them, so that everyone can express their own story, personality or mood of the day. Its cuts are designed to strike the right balance between the elegance of classic, the boldness of contemporary and the simplicity of minimalism.


Creation of the logo and its graphic universe, the brand storytelling and the e-commerce site.

Client : Baron Studio 

Artistic Director, Storytelling: C.Manuel

Visuals coming very soon !