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Leila Habiche

Inventor, artist and entrepreneur, Leila Habiche explores awakening through the stimulation of the senses. Her creations are scientifically ambitious, designed with exacting standards and at the crossroads of different disciplines, inviting the mind to blossom through sensory well-being.

Creation of the logo and its graphic universe, mostly white and clean, where we breathe and play with nature and light, dear to the inspirations and origins of Leila, the inventor and the brand.

Agency: Dream On (Freelance)
Client: Leila Habiche


Art Director: C.Manuel
Project manager : J.Merlot

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Mini logo: this can be found on profile photos on social networks, or as a stamp on packaging.

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A simple, uncluttered, enduring logo but with a personal twist.

A “typographical accident” on the B (to be), symbolising the transposition of the mind into the sensory experiences conveyed by Leila’s creations. It’s also the superposition of the organic and the technological, which are combined in the brand’s objects.

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Moodboard - Iconography