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Musée Picasso Paris

Opened in 1985, the Musée national Picasso-Paris houses the world’s richest collection of artworks by Pablo Picasso.

/ The Museum is proposing a new type of exhibition: contemporary artists offering a view, a critique, a tribute, or in any case a restitution of Picasso’s work. So I had to create a new poster design identity for these new kinds of exhibitions, while respecting the existing charter. They will be titled in outline ;), because they are built around Picasso.

/ Poster for the Paul Smith x Picasso exhibition

/ For the 50th anniversary of the artist’s death, we had to create a label with his L’Acrobate. Here are a few proposals.

Agency: Dream On (Freelance)
Client: Musée Picasso Paris


Art Director: C.Manuel
Project manager : J.Merlot

Picasso - Affiche Orlan