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The Paris Biennial

Although the 32nd edition of the Paris Biennal is part of a historic tradition, it is redefining its positioning to anchor art and the skills of excellence in the contemporary world, while reaffirming its international dimension.

It has always been supported by the Syndicat National des Antiquaires, with the same ambition: to promote the role of antique dealers, galleries and jewellers through a unifying event that conveys cultural, heritage, social and economic values.

Creation of the new identity: logo, graphic universe and event poster.

Client : Biennale de Paris, (Dream On)

Concept & Art director : C.Manuel


Several types of objets d’art (Paintings, Sculptures, Jewellery, Furniture, etc.)

Ancient objects that survive time: they have had several lives.

Exhibition venues: in Paris, the Grand Palais and the Grand Palais Ephémère, built around the repetition of a large number of arches that duplicate and cross each other.

The quadriga in the Grand Palais, the symbol of the Biennial, is made up of 4 horses in a position of movement, which from the side appear to be superimposed.

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